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Buddha Air operates in only fully navigational aid equipped asphalt airports with more than 3700 feet runway length.

Buddha Air has prided itself in maintaining safety as the highest priority. Pilots and engineers are sent on regular training programs directly to the manufacturing companies for the ATR and Beech craft training. Buddha Air makes no monetary compromise on the aircraft’s maintenance and each aircraft is thoroughly checked before every take off and after every landing.

The Beech craft 1900D, ATR 42-320 and ATR 72-500 have their own unique inspection procedure. Qualified and certified aircraft maintenance engineers with many years of experience from the company’s Engineering Department carry out a detailed daily safety inspection check that follows the following standard procedure as mentioned in the current Nepalese Civil Airworthiness Requirement and the aircraft’s maintenance manual given by the manufacturer. After each check has been done as per the requirement, the technician gets the form signed by the head of the Department. If there is even the slightest technical fault the flight is halted and passengers are flown in another aircraft that has passed the daily inspection routine. Besides the daily inspection routine the aircrafts are also checked during every transit of the operation. For the assurance of our clients we have listed the details of the procedure below.

Daily Inspection Procedure

Airframe – External
Check general condition of aircraft including fuselage, wings, tail plane, flying controls, flaps and their operations. Antennas, Pilot- Static Masts, De-icer Boots, Stall Vanes, Drains, Main and Auxiliary Tanks for obvious damage and fuel leaks.
Check Landing Gears for condition and proper oleo extension and L/G Accumulator for normal pressure.
Check L/G Power Pack reservoir for correct fluid level. Brakes for wear leak and condition and correct fluid level on brake fluid reservoir. Shimmy Dampener for leaks and security.
Check all doors for condition, security and proper operation. Check condition of Main and Nose Tires.

Airframe – External
Check LH and RH Engine areas for damage, fuel and oil leak. Check and record oil replenished quantity.
Check general condition of propeller and blades

Check Cabin and Cockpit seats for condition and Emergency equipment for serviceability validates Oxygen pressure and proper stowage of masks.
Check condition of Cockpit Windshields and Cabin Windows, Emergency Exit Doors positively locked.
Check for cleanliness of Cockpit and Cabin, serviceability of air outlets.
Check all documents on board the aircraft and their validity and completeness.

Electrical and Instrument
Check battery voltage normal, serviceability of Cockpit, Cabin and External Lights. Annunciator Lights, Warning Systems, Beacon, Strobe, Landing, Navigation and Taxi Lights, static discharge wick and lightning diverter strip.
Check all instruments for security & condition

Airframe (temporary added item)
Check all Landing Gear Drag Brace Bolts of each Landing Gear for security and condition.

Flight Safety

Safety is the highest priority of Buddha Air. We have found out that most common causes of aircraft accidents are either mechanical failures or pilots not adhering to the prescribed flying procedures as per the aircraft flight manuals. In order to maintain the flight safety Buddha air has invested a huge sum of money for the latest technologies available in the market. The system automatically detects if any pilot is deviating from the manuals or if any part needs replacement. This can be immediately corrected by our concerned division. With this system installed, even engineers are made aware at an early stage if any aircraft component needs repair or replacement. The flight safety monitoring and controlling systems are as follows.

Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Laboratory: This technology is installed in order to monitor the pilots during the flying hours. The CVR records all the conversation that has taken place inside the cockpit during the flight. Furthermore it helps in investigating the flying behavior of pilots. Buddha Air prides on its CVR laboratory being the only available laboratory in Nepal.

Flight Data Recorder (FDR):  This is a device that continuously records more than 18 different engines and airframe parameters at least for 25 hours on memory chips (RAM). The recorded data is useful for incident investigation as well as for parameter analysis purpose. FDRs can record the status of more than 1000 in-flight characteristics that can aid in investigations. Buddha Air has the only laboratory in Nepal with a special equipment to read the data transferred from FDR.

Aircraft Data Acquisition System (ADAS) :
Buddha Air is the only private flight operator in Nepal to have installed the ADAS device in all its aircrafts in addition to the regular CVR and FDR. ADAS provides engine and airframe electronic operational data which is downloaded each day. This provides a pre-warning system that aids in the safety. It monitors critical engine parameters and record instances where they have exceeded the preset values. ADAS also stores engine data samples for trend analysis and also warn the pilots about forthcoming danger.

The Beechcraft 1900 is a 19-passenger, pressurized twin-engine turboprop airplane manufactured by the Raytheon Company (now Hawker Beechcraft). It was designed, and is primarily used, as a regional airliner.

The aircraft is designed to carry passengers in all weather conditions from airports with relatively short runways. It is capable of flying in excess of 970 km. In terms of the number of aircraft built and its continued use by many passenger airlines and other users, it is one of the most popular 19-passenger airliners in history, in the world.

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